Paul's Picks

Paul Laffoon was born for a life in literature. When his mother proposed naming their first born son after one of her literary heroes, Frodo Baggins, his father stepped in and negotiated a compromise; they settled on the more subtly nerdy, Paul, after the heir to House Atreides and liberator of the Fremen people from Frank Herbert’s, Dune [and yes, he will also answer to Muad’Dib]. With aspirations for a life in academia but never finding a particular stride in any of the colleges he attended, Paul threw himself into the world of letters guided only by his own wildly unstructured independent study. Now, having groomed himself into something of an intellectual jack of all trades, Paul has spent the last 15 years of his professional career regurgitating the trivia he reads to anyone who will listen, even though he wasn’t actually in bookselling for most of it. Finally, finding a home at Folio at the end of 2018, Paul can, at last, talk about books all day without having to feel guilty about it.