Odd Mondays

Odd Mondays is a monthly reading series and community event in San Francisco. It began in November 2001 and is in its 20th year. Books are read from and ideas discussed. Open minds welcome! Learn more on their Facebook Page.

Their events are currently on Zoom. Get the link by emailing oddmondaysnoevalley@gmail.com.

Once Upon a Time I Lived on Mars: Space, Exploration, and Life on Earth Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781250159472
Published: St. Martin's Press - July 14th, 2020

When it comes to Mars, the focus is often on how to get there: the rockets, the engines, the fuel. But upon arrival, what will it actually be like?

Like Water and Other Stories Cover Image
ISBN: 9780998801490
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Published: Wtaw Press - September 5th, 2019

Fiction. California Interest. Short Stories.