Kristen Alicia

Kristen Alicia has been an attorney, a lifeguard, a real estate agent, and very briefly, a valet, but most importantly, she has always been a storyteller and lover of words. When she’s not helping her two rescue dogs fend off her rambunctious toddler or binge-watching Great British Bake Off with her husband, Kristen loves to read all the books, especially kissing ones. She also enjoys falling for the characters she’s created, traveling with her family, and trying as many new restaurants and recipes as she can.



You’ve Been Served By Kristen Alicia Cover Image
ISBN: 9781649373946
Availability: Available to Order
Published: Entangled: Amara - June 27th, 2023

It’s the Magic 8 Ball’s fault. All of it. One teeny little question, and suddenly Simone Alexander is chucking her whole life out the window. So long, being a chef in California—it’s time for law school. In Michigan. Where there’s actual winter. And law school’s nothing like the romantic comedies said it was.