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Communication Skills Training: Improve Your Conversation, Develop Charisma and Confidence. How to Win Friends and How to Negotiate and Solve Problems Cover Image
Communication Skills for Couples: Build a Mindful Relationship, Improve Emotional Intelligence and Grow Empathy for Each Other. Improve Confidence, Pe Cover Image
Communication Skills for Leaders: Your Guide to Improving Social Intelligence, Developing Charisma, and Learning How to Talk to Anyone. Practical Stra Cover Image
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Becoming Bulletproof: Protect Yourself, Read People, Influence Situations, and Live Fearlessly Cover Image
By Evy Poumpouras (Read by)
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Mind Control: The Most Complete Guide to Master the Subliminal Art of Mentalism. Dark psychology secrets + Manipulation techniques + Cover Image
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The Emotional Intelligence Handbook: The Guide for Empaths on How to analyze People and Master Self-Discipline and Manipulation Using Dark Psychology, Cover Image
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Evitare La Manipolazione: Consigli Per Comprendere Ed Identificare La Manipolazione E Il Lato Oscuro Della Psicologia Umana (Avoid Manipulation) Cover Image
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Manipolazione, Tutto Quello Che Devi Sapere: Come Individuare La Manipolazione Nelle Relazioni E Nelle Amicizie E Capire Se Ti Stanno Mentendo (Manipu Cover Image
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Body Language: How to Understand, Persuade and Manipulate People Using Powerful Communication Skills Cover Image
Improve Your Social Skills: Boost Your Confidence, Improve Assertive Communication Skills, and Develop Everyday Habits to Read, Influence and Win Cover Image
Manipulation & Dark Psychology: Dominate Your Conversation and Analyze People With Proven Methods to Master Body Language, Persuasion & Mind Control, Cover Image