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Alakent Church: A Byzantine Monument at Myra (12th-13th Centuries) Cover Image
By Engin Akyürek (Editor)
Identity and the other in Byzantium: Papers From the 4th International Sevgi Gönül Byzantine Studies Symposium Cover Image
By Koray Durak (Editor), Ivana Jevtic (Editor)
The City Basilica of Tlos Cover Image
Byzantium's Other Empire: Trebizond Cover Image
By Antony Eastmond (Editor)
The Byzantine Jesus: A Mosaic of Culture and Context Cover Image
Available to Order
1453: The Conquest of Constantinople: 2014 Medieval Warfare Special Edition Cover Image
By Dirk Van Gorp (Editor)
The Journey: How an obscure Byzantine Saint became our Santa Claus Cover Image
Mirrors and Mirroring from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period Cover Image
By Maria Gerolemou (Editor), Lilia Diamantopoulou (Editor)
Early Creedal Formulations and Theological Discourse Cover Image
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Michael Psellos on Literature and Art: A Byzantine Perspective on Aesthetics (ND Michael Psellos in Translation) Cover Image
The Bulgarian State in 927-969: The Epoch of Tsar Peter I Cover Image
By Miroslaw J. Leszka (Editor), Kiril Marinow (Editor)
Knowing Bodies, Passionate Souls: Sense Perceptions in Byzantium (Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Symposia and Colloquia #9) Cover Image
By Susan Ashbrook Harvey (Editor), Margaret Mullett (Editor)