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Reading in the Byzantine Empire and Beyond Cover Image
By Teresa Shawcross (Editor), Ida Toth (Editor)
Asia Minor in the Long Sixth Century: Current Research and Future Directions Cover Image
By Ine Jacobs (Editor), Hugh Elton (Editor)
Imagining the Divine: Art in Religions of Late Antiquity Across Eurasia (British Museum Research Publications #234) Cover Image
By Jaś Elsner (Editor), Rachel Wood (Editor)
Allegories of the Odyssey (Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library #56) Cover Image
By John Tzetzes, Adam J. Goldwyn (Translator), Dimitra Kokkini (Translator)
Reason and Revelation in Byzantine Antioch: The Christian Translation Program of Abdallah ibn al-Fadl (Berkeley Series in Postclassical Islamic Scholarship #3) Cover Image
1453: The Conquest of Constantinople: 2014 Medieval Warfare Special Edition Cover Image
By Dirk Van Gorp (Editor)
Self-Portrait in Three Colors: Gregory of Nazianzus's Epistolary Autobiography (Christianity in Late Antiquity #6) Cover Image
The Islamic-Byzantine Frontier: Interaction and Exchange Among Muslim and Christian Communities (Library of Middle East History) Cover Image
Politics and Government in Byzantium: The Rise and Fall of the Bureaucrats Cover Image
Cutting-Edge Technologies in Ancient Greece: Materials Science Applied to Trace Ancient Technologies in the Aegean World Cover Image
Western Perspectives on the Mediterranean: Cultural Transfer in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, 400-800 Ad Cover Image
By Andreas Fischer (Editor), Ian Wood (Editor)
Reading in the Byzantine Empire and Beyond Cover Image
By Teresa Shawcross (Editor), Ida Toth (Editor)