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Ancient Civilizations: A Complete Overview On The Incas History, The Byzantine Empire, Maya History & Maya Mythology Cover Image
Available to Order
The Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen: From Ad 324 to Ad 425 (Christian Roman Empire #12) Cover Image
Varieties of Monastic Experience in Byzantium, 800-1453 (Conway Lectures in Medieval Studies) Cover Image
Caliphs and Merchants: Cities and Economies of Power in the Near East (700-950) (Oxford Studies in Byzantium) Cover Image
Gregory Palamas: The Hesychast Controversy and the Debate with Islam (Translated Texts for Byzantinists Lup) Cover Image
East Meets West Cover Image
By Martin Bommas (Editor)
Available to Order
Self-Portrait in Three Colors: Gregory of Nazianzus's Epistolary Autobiography (Christianity in Late Antiquity #6) Cover Image
Gregory of Nazianzus's Letter Collection: The Complete Translation (Christianity in Late Antiquity #7) Cover Image
The de Thematibus ('on the Themes') of Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus: Translated with Introductory Chapters and Notes (Translated Texts for Byzantinists Lup) Cover Image
Roman Emperor Zeno: The Perils of Power Politics in Fifth-Century Constantinople Cover Image
Social Change in Town and Country in Eleventh-Century Byzantium (Oxford Studies in Byzantium) Cover Image
By James Howard-Johnston (Editor)
Zosimus: New History (Byzantina Australiensia #2) Cover Image
By Ronald T. Ridley (Editor), Ronald T. Ridley (Translator)