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The Bulgarian State in 927-969: The Epoch of Tsar Peter I Cover Image
By Miroslaw J. Leszka (Editor), Kiril Marinow (Editor)
Smbat Sparapet's Chronicle: Volume 1 Cover Image
By Smbat Sparapet, Robert Bedrosian (Translator)
Michael Psellos on Literature and Art: A Byzantine Perspective on Aesthetics (Michael Psellos in Translation) Cover Image
Bibliophilos: Books and Learning in the Byzantine World (Byzantinisches Archiv #39) Cover Image
By Charalambos Dendrinos (Editor), Ilias Giarenis (Editor)
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: A book tracing Western civilization (as well as the Islamic and Mongolian conquests) from the Cover Image
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Politics and Government in Byzantium: The Rise and Fall of the Bureaucrats Cover Image
The Invention of Byzantium in Early Modern Europe Cover Image
By Nathanael Aschenbrenner (Editor), Jake Ransohoff (Editor)
Constantinople: Capital of Byzantium Cover Image
Armenia Christiana: Armenian Religious Identity and the Churches of Constantinople and Rome (4th - 15th Century) Cover Image
Byzantine Gender (Past Imperfect) Cover Image
Catalogue of Byzantine Seals at Dumbarton Oaks and in the Fogg Museum of Art, 7: Anonymous, with Bilateral Religious Imagery (Dumbarton Oaks Collection #22) Cover Image
By John A. Cotsonis (Editor)
Imperial Passions: The Porta Aurea Cover Image
By Eileen Stephenson, Jennifer Quinlan (Cover Design by)
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