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Mediterraneo. Storie di cavalieri e corsari XII-XVIII secolo Cover Image
Exploration, Religion and Empire in the Sixteenth-Century Ibero-Atlantic World: A New Perspective on the History of Modern Science Cover Image
The Devastating Wake Cover Image
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Crossing the Bar: An Oral History of the British Shipbuilding, Ship Repairing and Marine Engine-Building Industries in the Age of Declin (Research in Maritime History Lup) Cover Image
By Anthony Slaven (Editor), Hugh Murphy (Editor)
Das Maritime Europa: Werte - Wissen - Wirtschaft (Historische Mitteilungen - Beihefte #95) Cover Image
By Lutz Feldt (Editor), Ingo Loppenberg (Editor), Jurgen Elvert (Editor)
Hull: Culture, History, Place Cover Image
By David J. Starkey (Editor), David Atkinson (Editor), Briony McDonagh (Editor)
Ikuwa6. Shared Heritage: Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress for Underwater Archaeology: 28 November-2 December 2016, Western Austr Cover Image
Cuba, America, and the Sea: The Story of the Immigrant Boat Analuisa and 500 Years If History Between Cuba and America Cover Image
The Black Joke: One Ship's Battle Against the Slave Trade Cover Image
By A. E. Rooks, Leon Nixon (Read by)
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Navigating African Maritime History (Research in Maritime History Lup) Cover Image
By Carina E. Ray (Editor), Jeremy Rich (Editor)
Maritime History as Global History (Research in Maritime History Lup) Cover Image
By Maria Fusaro (Editor), Amélia Polónia (Editor)
Rough Waters: American Involvement with the Mediterranean in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Research in Maritime History Lup) Cover Image
By Silvia Marzagalli (Editor), James R. Sofka (Editor), John McCusker (Editor)