The Amish Dairy Man (Paperback)

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Nearly three years ago, Collette Schmucker lost her husband to a car accident. Since then, she and her two young sons have lived with her in-laws. But Collette is ready to move on-she wants to court again, find a new love, make her own home.

Her mother-in-law Ruby has a different opinion. Collette has been married once, and to Ruby's precious son. Why would Collette want another man? Why would she not be satisfied with what she had?

David Wengerd has his own story of loss and grief-a humiliating story. He has no desire to repeat such pain, and so has decided to never fall in love again. But he didn't reckon on Collette and her charming ways. Still, if she knew his story, she would be warned off. He finally works up his courage to tell her, and the effect is immediate. She backs away.

Only now, David isn't sure he wants Collette out of his life. But with his reticence and Ruby's downright consternation, Collette seems completely out of his grasp. If he doesn't do something soon, there will be no hope for them at all.

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ISBN: 9798675707577
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 15th, 2020
Pages: 194
Language: English