Death By Unnatural Causes (Paperback)

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"Death by Unnatural Causes" is a gripping novel about a urologist in small town Texas. Dr. Winfield, seemingly out of the blue, begins to experience strange and unfortunate crises. Some of his patients are dying and it appears Winfield is killing them. He is suddenly in jeopardy of losing his reputation, medical practice, and maybe even his life. He knows that he's not guilty but cannot explain why his patients are dying. He begins receiving threatening letters from an unknown person who wants to harm Dr. Winfield for the death of his father that took place years before. This unknown suspect eventually closes in on him. At best, the doctor will be accused of malpractice and lose his license, at worst he will be murdered. With the aid of his beautiful and competent lawyer, Isleta Goodpasture, and his friend on the local police force, Sgt. Bill Foley, Dr. Winfield fights to establish his innocence and find the person who is tormenting him.

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ISBN: 9781977239815
ISBN-10: 1977239811
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: April 9th, 2021
Pages: 208
Language: English