When Pain Gives You Hope COVID-19 (Paperback)

When Pain Gives You Hope COVID-19 By Sederia G. Graves, Anelda Attaway (Editor), Anelda Attaway (Compiled by) Cover Image
By Sederia G. Graves, Anelda Attaway (Editor), Anelda Attaway (Compiled by)
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As you read this publication, many of you, like myself, won't realize the purpose or value and why I take pictures of me, my children, and grandchildren. It is because I almost died a year ago, at least the old me did because of a severe COVID-19 experience.

It dawned on me after Father God was so gracious to spare my life how little value I gave to living and the lives of my family members. So, I am not taking pictures out of vanity but gratitude for how miraculously God has healed me (spiritually, emotionally, and physically). I was spared to see my 2nd grandchild's birth, Prince Marcus Joshua. My 30-year-old (Nobleman Bryson Adolphus) made it through horrendous drug addiction and is getting sober today. My daughter, a soldier for righteousness and faith Airedes (the Goddess), became and still is that soldier for Father God. God bridged the gap between me and my oldest son King Michael Jason (one who is like God), after 18 years of distancing. My true best friends are still my best friends today. I came to realize through this experience how much my siblings love me. Lastly, how many lives I've touched without knowing through ministering God's Word with a wonderful Man of God. I could go on.

God is amazing in what He blessed me to experience and through what was viewed as the worst but yet, the most miraculous life-changing event. This publication shares a small piece of how I became "Pastor Amazing Grace," and I am beyond grateful.

Pastor A. G. Graves

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