The Astrology Diary 2023 (Calendar)

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By Ana Leo
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This beautiful, bestselling diary is back with new astrological guidance and cosmic insight to help you make the most of opportunities this year.

This diary is uniquely illustrated around the zodiac theme and will stand out strikingly against other diaries. It brings lunar wisdom into your day to day, with life-coaching tools and tips each week.

The planner is divided by zodiac sign, showing how the sun's movement through the zodiac affects everyone's energies, whatever star sign. It displays the effect of planetary conjunctions and how Mercury entering retrograde affects our decision making and fortunes.

The diary illustrates the characteristics of each zodiac sign and how that impacts on the events of your life. Pisces is the dreamer, so when the sun enters Pisces, it's time to implement steps to move closer to your dream life. Taurus is the time to plan financial abundance. Aries is a concentrated energy to begin something, whether that's a vigorous new exercise programme or a new project.

Astrology is a wonderful tool you can use everywhere, you don’t need to be mystical to enjoy it.

About the Author

Ana Leo is a coach specializing in guidance from planetary movement, Zodiac signs and Tarot. She is certified by the Brazilian Coaching Society, creating popular YouTube readings, events and workshops. Find her on Instagram @analeo and YouTube

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ISBN: 9781786786883
ISBN-10: 1786786885
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Publication Date: July 19th, 2022
Pages: 290
Language: English