A Black and Endless Sky (MP3 CD)

A Black and Endless Sky By Matthew Lyons, Hillary Huber (Read by), Neil Hellegers (Read by) Cover Image
By Matthew Lyons, Hillary Huber (Read by), Neil Hellegers (Read by)
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Siblings Jonah and Nell Talbot used to be inseparable, but ever since Jonah suddenly blew town twelve years ago, they couldn't be more distant. Now, in the wake of Jonah's divorce, they embark on a cross-country road trip back to their hometown of Albuquerque, hoping to mend their broken relationship along the way. But when a strange accident befalls Nell at an abandoned industrial site somewhere in the Nevada desert, she begins experiencing ghastly visions and exhibiting terrifying, otherworldly symptoms. As their journey through the desolate American Southwest reveals the grotesque change happening within his sister, one thing becomes clear to Jonah: It's not only Nell in there anymore. Pursued by a mysterious stranger who knows far more about Nell's worsening condition than they let on, the siblings race to find a way to help Nell and escape the desert before they're met with a violent, bloody end. But there are far worse things lurking in the desert ahead...some of them just beneath the skin.

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ISBN: 9781666534450
ISBN-10: 1666534455
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Language: English