"Truth and Proof for the Christian Worldview" a Comprehensive Summary of Christian Apologetics: The Who and Why Behind the Question, "Why Is There Som (Hardcover)

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"Why is there something rather than nothing?" That's the quintessential, philosophical question in mankind's search not only for the existence of the universe, but also for the existence, meaning, and purpose of life. That question forms the essence for this informative and enlightening book in which author Dr. Kelly J. Walters reveals both the answer (Jesus Christ) and the abundant evidential proof.

Everyone longs to know the answers to universally profound questions like "Is God real?" or "What is the true creation story of the universe and of humankind?" or "Is there an afterlife?" These questions are vast, extreme, and complex. While there are many theories, the ultimate empirical and factual answers are impossible to definitively prove for both theist and naturalistic scientism alike. Both sides require faith.

In Truth and Proof for the Christian Worldview, Dr. Walters offers evidence and rational proof defending the one position that provides the best logical, experiential, and noncontradictory answer for all the above questions: Christianity. Atheist turned Christian, Dr. Walters delves into this convincing evidence, providing an organized and scholarly summary and presentation of the detailed research available for Christian apologetics. He teaches on a plethora of topics, including comparative religion worldviews, key logical arguments and formal proofs for God, the origins of the universe and life, evolution and creationism theories, who is Jesus Christ, what is true Christianity, and more. The evidence related to these theological and scientific topics rationally serve to defend, clarify, and prove the truth for the reality of the one true God of the Bible as creator of the universe and life.

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ISBN: 9781664281196
ISBN-10: 1664281193
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English