You are NOT a "Toilet!": Learning to See Yourself through God's Eyes!" (Paperback)

You are NOT a
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If you are experiencing any hidden or unknown brokeness, bitterness, sadness, or unforgiveness, this book will find it in you, and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, you will (as you continue to read) experience healing and a willingness to forgive, as well as restoration, and reminders that GOD IS WITH YOU ALWAYS, NO MATTER WHAT!

About the Author

Evangelist Terri Dionne Wooten-Graham is a 54-year old TV & Radio Personality, Basic Sign Language Interpreter and Piano Instructress, Choir Directress, Author, Counselor, Founder & CEO of "T-Dionne's Women's Friendship Group (WFG) & Network," Musician (Celebrating 46 years), Ordained Evangelist, and a Motivational, Inspirational, & Empowerment Speaker! Terri is Degreed in Psychology (B.A.) and Certified in Marriage & Family Therapy (CAGSMFT). Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and an ex-college basketball player for Xavier University (mid-80's - Center Position), after being the First African-American Female to receive a Full Basketball Scholarship to Xavier University, she now happily resides in Riverdale, Georgia, where she is still celebrating the fact that all four of her children have graduated from the University of West Georgia, and are now all school teachers! She also enjoys her Beautiful Daughter-in-law, who is studying nursing, and her three adorable grandchildren! Terri loves to cook from scratch, crochet, and watch her favorite shows, such as Golden Girls, Reba, Joyce Meyer, and "This is Us!" After trying to end her life 34 years ago, Terri had the most AMAZING experience ever - on Friday 13th (March 13, 1987), while among her now "Old Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church Family" & her now "Big & Little Sisters for Life" Family - Terri repented and got Baptized in Jesus' Name, and filled with the PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL GIFT of the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) - speaking in tongues, and emerged with a glow on her face that is still there - shining as brightly as ever, because of the HOPE she has - in Jesus Christ! Terri loves for people to feel the love of God from her everywhere she goes, and, one of the main ways she has fun putting forth that love, is illustrated in the way she ends all four of her TV Shows (since 2003), The Terri Graham Radio Show, her Conferences, and her everyday verbiage with her friends, family, and/or church families, by holding up her hand in sign language, using the forefinger, baby finger, and thumb, in a forward movement enthusiastically - while saying the word "BAM!" "BAM" means that "Everyone has something Beautiful, Awesome, & Magnificent about themselves - BAM!" She calls it "puttin' love on folks - with the impact and power of a PUNCH!" "You are NOT a Toilet! Learning to See Yourself through God's Eyes!" is a "Game-changing" book, reflecting on just how big of an impact that God has had on her life, as He has lovingly, and without fail, navigated her through surprise divorces, church issues, disappointments, misunderstandings, harrowing and life-altering health issues, and, in her words - "garbage, crap, things, & "stuff!" You ask her, she will tell you, that "Jesus is still the BEST thing that ever happened to me - AMEN & BAM!"Donnea N. Anderson moved from Upper Marlboro, Maryland to Atlanta, Georgia, as an adolescent with her family in 1984. She still resides in Metro Atlanta with her brilliant, young adult daughter and fiancé. Writing has been her passion since the tender age of 11 years old. This passion influenced her to earn a BA degree in English from Georgia State University and a Master of Professional Writing degree from Chatham University. In 2010 after taking a spiritual gifts assessment at her home church, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, she discovered that writing was not only a passion but also her spiritual gift. As a former educator, she loves crafting empowering and edifying words which transform her readers intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. When not working on writing her forthcoming books, she is engaged in women's outreach as President of T- Dionne Women's Friendship Group or cultivating her multiple entrepreneurial endeavors. Currently, she is independently contracting as a Grant Administrator overseeing the CARES Act Utility Assistance Grant which has provided financial relief to the citizens of the City of College Park, Georgia amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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ISBN: 9781098377410
ISBN-10: 1098377419
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: September 16th, 2021
Pages: 104
Language: English